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Upper Peninsula Waterfalls

Over 550 U.P. waterfalls to visit!

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Northern Lights in the Upper Peninsula

Northern Lights in the Upper Peninsula

Best viewing is in the fall from Sept to Nov!

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2018/19 Snowfall Totals

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Upper Peninsula of Michigan


The U.P. (Upper Peninsula of Michigan) has some of the most beautiful and peaceful places in the United States you will ever visit. It is one of two land masses which make up Michigan, the U.P. is the northernmost one. Wisconsin is to the south, Lake Superior to the north, Lake Michigan to the south, and Lake Huron is southeast. Those living in the U.P. are often referred to as Yoopers (Yooper is now a word), but to be considered a Yooper is special, not everyone who lives in the U.P. can claim Yooper status. The majority of people you will meet especially around the Copper Country will be of Finnish decent, Cornish, German, Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian who came to the Upper Peninsula during the copper mining boom back in the mid to late 1800s and early 1900s. Some of the larger cities of the Upper Peninsula are Marquette (the largest), Sault Ste Marie, Houghton/Hancock, Menominee, Escanaba, and Iron Mountain. The economy has been based on mining, logging (still a huge part), as well as tourism. Most mines have closed down and are no longer active, but many are open to the public for tours, logging is still a major industry as the area is abundant with lots of hardwood, and tourism flourishes as more people are discovering the U.P. lately as it has been featured on the Weather Channel, The Today Show, Discovery Channel, in lots of magazines and websites throughout the country.

Some fun things to do in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Many people like to go kayaking and canoeing. If you are a history buff, there is a plethora of history from the copper mining days and iron mining days (which still continues), take a mine tour and you'll be amazed. Those who love geology, we have some of the most diverse geological specicimens on the planet. Some people really enjoy hiking and camping at the Michigan State Parks. Most people who visit the Upper Peninsula enjoy stopping in the unique gift shops around the small towns in the Upper Peninsula some which are antique stores where you can find anything. Wake up in the mornings to a beautiful sunrise or end your day with a beautiful sunset. Beginning in August and ending in early October are beautiful fall colors in the Upper Peninsula. You will witness some of the most amazing fall colors you will ever see in your life. The Upper Peninsula fall colors are truly a sight to see, especially from places like Brockway Mountain, Sugarloaf Mountain, Mount Zion, Lake of the Clouds overlook in the Porcupine Mountains, Mount Marquette, or at Summit Peak in the Porkies. During the year there are many special events, craft shows, art shows, concerts, and get togethers that will surely keep you busy. No matter what you seek there is something here in the Upper Peninsula for you to enjoy.

We will continue to add to the website. Things to do in the Upper Peninsula. Waterfalls in the Upper Peninsula. Hotels in the Upper Peninsula. Campgrounds in the Upper Peninsula. Hiking in the Upper Peninsula. Fishing in the Upper Peninsula. Mine tours in the Upper Peninsula. Lighthouse in the Upper Peninsula. Events in the Upper Peninsula. Stay tuned for updates. Thanks for visiting our website. The Upper Peninsula is often spelled wrong "Upper Penninsula" it is just one N. Yooper is now an official word in the dictionary.


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